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I would like you to know that I have had very good help whenever I call your Customer Service. I got Cori several times and I would like you to know she was always able to help me and do a very good job, and I had lots of questions.

Nancy S.

Cori was great and very helpful.

Lariell O.

Cheryl, to be honest with you, I cherish the way you deal with customers. You are very patient and thorough in explaining things. Sincerely, you are a human asset to your company. I am quite sure you will draw a lot of customers to the organization. I hope your boss recognizes the spectacular performance you do at work. Please continue the good work. I am really impressed.

Samuel A.

Cori was absolutely delightful and clear with her instruction. She made it very easy to learn how to navigate the website and she was very courteous and friendly. Please tell her that I said thank you very much and it was a pleasure to take her call.

Shawnee M.